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+44.8000 74 84 94

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We provide legal services through our refund claims team for people who may have been mis-sold or lied to about the products, goods and / or services that they have been supplied. 

This service is based on a conditional fee agreement - No Win - No Fee.

We specialise in damp proofing, exterior wall renovations, roof protection and making your property water tight and weatherproof.

No Win No Fee

​The service provided by Hydrogard Legal Services and Hydrogard Group is all undertaken on a No Win - No Fee basis, with no upfront costs.

At Hydrogard we call this a risk -reward strategy, we take all of the risk and if we are successful we get our reward.

You the consumer can have complete peace of mind that the service is provided on a No Win - No Fee basis with no upfront costs and whats more, if we fail to win you a refund, you do not pay.

Mr & Mrs Theobald - Reading

Mr & Mrs Theobald were mis-sold a

"Thermal Roof Coating". They were told the product would "insulate their roof", "it would stop moss and lichen growing back" and "it would increase the value of their home".

All of these statements were lies and Hydrogard won them a full refund - October 2016.

Mrs Davis - Tilehurst

Mrs Davis of Tilehurst, Reading was mis-sold damp proofing and wall coating.

The company told her that the damp would never return and sold her a rendered wall coating and a silicon damp proofing solution. The product never worked and Hydrogard won Mrs Davis a full refund plus interest - September 2016

Mr Hall - Andover

Mr Hall was mis-sold a "Thermal Roof Coating", he had the product sold to him and it was misrepresented when sold to him. He was told the product would insulate his roof, it would add value to his home and these were lies.

We proved the case and a full refund was paid to Mr Hall - December 2016

08000 74 84 94

08000 74 84 94

Mr George - Henley

Mr George and his family were mis-sold a "Thermal Roof Coating". They spent over £7,500 on the coating, which they were told would insulate their roof, they were told it would increase the value of their property and it would stop the moss and lichen growing, these were all lies and Hydrogard won a full refund plus interest - October 2016

08000 74 84 94

08000 74 84 94

08000 74 84 94

Refunds Won

​If you have purchased solar panels, cavity wall insulation, roof coating, wall coating, double glazing a new bathroom, shower room, wetroom or a new kitchen then you may have been mis-sold to or mis-led regarding the goods or services you have purchased and you may be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid. 

For a free no obligation consultation call any of our specialist advisor's who will be pleased to assist you.  


08000 74 84 94

08000 74 84 94

Mr & Mrs Sharma - Woking

Mr & Mrs Sharma were mis-sold their "Roof Coating". The salesman told them the coating would not peel, fade, crack or discolour, it did all of these things. The salesman told them it would increase the value of their home, it hasn't. Hydrogard won the Sharma's a full refund - November 2016.