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+44.8000 74 84 94

We provide legal services through our refund claims team for people who may have been mis-sold or lied to about the products, goods and / or services that they have been supplied. 

This service is based on a conditional fee agreement - No Win - No Fee.

Windows, Doors & Conservatories

The double glazing industry has seen some big changes recently and the most notable in a long time was the Entering of Administration by Zenith Staybrite Company registration No. 06516827. 

If you, a family member, a friend or someone else you know have purchased from Zenith Staybrite within the last six years and have used their lifestyle finance option, you have a very good chance of getting a refund of the full contact price.

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  • Wall & Roof Coating
  • Bathrooms and Wet rooms
  • Solar Panels
  • Disabled Beds and Chairs
  • Unfinished Building Works

Solar Panels

In most cases solar panels have been mis-sold and misrepresented to the home owner. Claims made by unscrupulous sales people include statements such as:

1. The solar panels will pay for themselves - False

2. The solar panels will work in daylight not just sunlight - False

3. The solar panels will work as good on all aspects of the roof - False

4. You will generate a great return on investment - False

​5. The panels are guaranteed for 10 years maintenance free - ​False

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Wall & Roof coating

Wall and roof coating are one of the most common mis-sold and misrepresented products in the UK. The lies that surround these types of products are: 

1. It will Insulate your property - False

​2. It will increase the value of your home - False

3. It will take away the need for repairs - False

4. It is so efficient it will pay for itself - ​False

5. The product is guaranteed for at least ten years

LEGAL Services

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08000 74 84 94

We specialise in damp proofing, exterior wall renovations, roof protection and making your property water tight and weatherproof.

Our professional services are carried out by a team of solicitors and barristers. The legal services team at Hydrogard are professional solicitors and barristers who have all gained valuable experience within the legal profession and in turn they have trained our contracts managers and administrators to offer a professional customer service at all times.

Our team are conscientious, hard working and diligent, our customers are the back bone of our business and returning them the refund they deserve gives us all a great deal of satisfaction.

Our values are:

Honesty - Integrity - Confidentiality - Reliability Trustworthiness - Sincerity - Openness - Dependability - Consistency and Humility

Values that we are all proud of and work to attain every day for and with every customer.

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